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Paid Speaker Workshop
From Free to Fee

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3-Days with Victor Antonio
AUGUST 24th, 25th and 26th
Atlanta, GA
Learn how to become a highly paid trainer, coach and speaker.
Answer these 5 Questions:

1) Do you want to be a full-time speaker, trainer or coach?

2) Are you tired of working for someone else?

3) Do you feel you have something relevant to share with your audience?

4) Do you want to control how much you EARN in a year?

5) Can you help others achieve their personal or financial goals?

If the answer is YES to ALL 5, then keep reading!
Author, Speaker and Trainer
Victor Antonio
Learn From the Best!
A poor upbringing from one of the roughest areas of Chicago didn't stop Victor Antonio from becoming a globally sought-after author, speaker and trainer.  Victor's high-energy keynotes combined with insightful presentations earned him a spot among some of the world's best speakers

He has shared the stage with top business speakers: Rudy Giuliani, Les Brown, Paul Otellini (CEO of Intel), Daymond John (Shark Tank), John May (CEO of FedEx Kinkos) and many others!

Go International!

If you dream of taking your message and services international, there's no better person to learn from than Victor Antonio!  Victor has spoken in Europe, Asia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Latin America, Middle East, United Arab Emirates, Africa, and South Africa. 

In this workshop we'll discuss international events and the HIGHER fees you're going to charge.  Learn how to negotiate terms and payment agreement!
From 'Free To Fee'

"If you've been looking for someone to break down the speaking business without the hype or BS, and teach you how to build your career,...this workshop is for YOU!"  
Victor Antonio
3-Day Master Class
Day 1: Positioning Yourself
Target and attract your ideal clients by 
creating a professional image. 
Creating Multiple Revenue Streams
  •  Selling products online: books, videos (vimeo),
  •  Using Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  •  Selling coaching services
  • Hosting Paid Webinars
  •  Getting Consulting Clients
  •  Monetizing Youtube
  • Creating paid video content 
Create Your Unique Brand
  •  Resources to design your logo
  •  Logo: Do's and Dont's
  •  Developing a Winning Tagline
  •  Creating a Value Proposition
  •  Font and Typesetting
  •  Differentiation Statements
  •  Question Script for Interviews
  •  Inbound calls: what to do and what to say...
Finding Ideal Clients 
  •  Identifying Your 'Zebra'
  •  Develop a Go-to-Market strategy
  •  Find "your" target market 

  •  Contracts: Do's and Don'ts
  •  Contract Templates
  •  Contract Negotiation
Proposals and Pricing
  •  Develop a winning value proposition (What's in it for them)
  •  Developing Proposals and Pricing
  •  Design a 1-page brochure that sells
Expert Positioning
  •  Demonstrating Value 
  •  Testimonials/Referrals
  •  Branding Your Email
  •  Email Templates (Introductions, Follow ups)
  •  Using the 'right' testimonials
Victor will be working with you on 
developing a pitch that sells your VALUE!
Developing a Killer Pitch for Customers
  •  Template Review
  •  Layout Review
  •  Design Review
  •  Content Review
  •  Impact Analysis
Day 2: Content Production
Create distinguishable and shareable 
content to spread your message.
Create Video Content (Live Demo)
  •  Video production
  •  How to’s 
  •  Best cameras
  •  How to hire a videographer
  •  Essential equipment
Audio/ Podcasts (Live Demo)
  •  Podcasts Basics
  •  Selecting the right title
  • Tools for recording your own podcasts
  •  Setting up Podcast Distribution online
  •  Record Podcast Topics that Sell You
  • Which Podcasts sell?  Interviews, short clips, and series
  •  RSS feeds
  •  iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher and other podcasting channels
  •  Develop a Podcast framework that gets 'shared'
Affordable Documentary Films
  • Learn how to write and produce a documentary
  • How much should it cost?
  •  Learn how to use it to GET speaking gigs
  •  See my award documentary, "The Motivator"
Creating Your Own Graphics
  •  Developing Graphics
  •  Tools to use to develop killer graphics
  •  Creating original visuals from scratch
  •  For use in presentations, promotional content (brochure), social media
  •  Create a visual in the editor of your choice ( or our suggestion)
  •  Branding your graphics

Book Publishing
  •  Writing Strategies
  •  Book cover resources
  •  Self-Publishing Dos and Don'ts
  •  E-Books and various formats (.pub, .mob)
  •  Tools for writing and editing (Live Demo)

Website/Blog (Live Demo)
  •  Do It Your (DIY) Website Creation
  •   How you can create a website on your own (no expensive designers or long waiting periods)
  •  Strategies for boosting your credibility
  •  What is hosting and using different hosting services
  • Branding yourself and your experience
  •  Content Creation- What works, What doesn't
  •  Developing a Blog that 'sells'
Creating Short & Cool Videos (Live Demo)
  •  Create short-form content
  •  Tips and Tricks to Producing
Day 3: Promotion & Lead Generation
Learn how to reach decision-makers using 
a 'Multi-Channel' approach!

Speakers Bureaus
  •  Material required for submissions
  •  Where to submit
  •  Create a captivating bio
  •  Graphic
  •  Video sample
  •  Subject description and title
  •  Brochure
  •  Dropbox

Social Media (Live Demo)
  •  Where to post your content
  •  Optimized times
  •  Buffer
  •  Social Media Calendar
  •  What you need to be sharing and promoting
  •  How to create shareable content
  •  Why social media is necessary in today's market
  •  Free Social Media Ads
  •  Paid Social Media Ads
  •  Facebook Ads and Pixels
  •  Leveraging Facebook LIVE
  •  Linkedin Marketing and Paid Ads
  •  Google Adwords
  •  Google Payments (to you) Ads

Email Campaigns (Live Demo)
  • Conversion Rates
  •  Email Targeting
  •  Funnel Lists
  •  What should you send?
  •  Who is using Email Campaigns?
  •  Content to send
SEO/SEM (Live Demo)
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Search Engine Marketing
  •  Meta Tags
  •  Organic vs. Paid Ads

Sales Funnels (Live Demo)
  • What are Sales Funnels?
  •  Why you need Lead Gen tools
  •  Using landing pages
  •  The power of splash Pages
  •  Building your email list
  •  Strategies for growing your email list
  •  Targeting qualified buyers 
  •  Developing 'Value Stairs' to sell High Ticket Items
  •  Creating profitable invisible funnel
  •  Tools Review: InfusionSoft vs. ClickFunnels vs. .....

YouTube Strategies (Live Demo)
  • How to Get YouTube Traffic
  • Using videos to SELL you
  •  Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)
  •  Generate revenue with YouTube ads
  •  Using data analytics to develop 'desired' content
  •  Building a community (Tribe)
  •  How I use YouTube to get speaking engagements
**BONUS- Bring a +1 to the Paid Speaker Workshop for ALL 3 days. Business partners, colleagues or anyone that is helping you build your career!
"I will guarantee you two things:  
I will shortcut your path to speaking success and SAVE YOU thousands of dollars by learning from my mistakes!"

Victor Antonio

The Paid Speaker Workshop is designed to 
SHARE ALL my knowledge and experience.  

I want to give you the tools to ACCELERATE 
your speaking business! 

Download the curriculum here:

Please Read Before Signing Up
This is NOT a "Learn How to Speak" workshop! (read that again)
This IS a '"How to Get Paid to Speak" workshop!  You'll learn how to position yourself in the market, find clients, generate multiple revenue streams and learn different strategies for promoting your speaking business.  The end goal is to shortcut your path to speaking success, save you THOUSANDS of dollars in the process, and give you a blueprint for building a financially stable career!

3-Days with Victor Antonio
AUGUST 24, 25 and 26 - Atlanta, GA
    Seat for a +1 is included. Split the price - bring a business partner to the Paid Speaker Workshop.
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